Steel Fabrication and In-House Detailing


For all your structural steel needs, turn to BMG Construction for assistance in design, fabrication and finally assembling your structure. Our fabrication team is highly trained and qualified to turn your vision into a reality. We work alongside your team and detail drawings, to complete your project with utmost precision and accuracy.

BMG Construction has a full staff of highly trained steel detailers, welders and fabricators with a reputation of excellence and experience working on all types of structures for both commercial and industrial applications.

Metal and Miscellaneous Fabrication

At BMG Construction, you get the benefit of a full staff of professionals all within house, working to fabricate any structure your application needs. From handrails and stairs to platforms and catwalks, our team works quickly and safely to build your structures according to industry standards of excellence by using best practice techniques.

In-House Detailing and Design

With our in-house team, we do the detailing work that many of our competitors simply can’t do. Our highly skilled detailing team works quickly from the initial design, to the completion of your project with utmost accuracy and efficiency.

The streamlined communication system of an in-house detailing team can help bring your structures into the fabrication and building process more quickly than ever. We have built relationships with some of the best engineering firms in the area to bring your project further advice and expertise. Our coordinated efforts and resources help move your project through the design and approval processes in a quick and efficient manner, saving you time and money while completing your project to the highest degree of quality.

Work with the Experts

Our team can work to better integrate the detailing, production and erection process of any steel structure needed. Complete your projects with the confidence and assurance that your project is being handled by some of the best in the business. We continuously work to streamline project communication while minimizing risks and maximizing our production efforts.

Additionally, the team at BMG Construction will keep you constantly updated with their progress, preventing costly mistakes within your project and ensuring both quality and accuracy of your project needs.

At BMG Construction, we have the experts and the equipment needed to see your project through its completion. Backed by an excellent reputation, professional certifications and a high quality of work, you can rest easy knowing that your project is in capable hands. Contact BMG Construction today, and let us build for your future, today.