Wind Turbines and Energy

From planning to maintenance, BMG Construction can help you capture the power of wind for your energy needs. Wind energy provides a better, more sustainable way to energize your home or business, without harmful air emissions or wastes and pollutions. At BMG Construction, we are committed to wind energy and see it as an integral part of a responsible solution to providing reliable energy.

Wind Mill Erection & Large Corrective Maintenance

From planning to construction, BMG Construction will work with you in order to get your turbines up and running in the shortest amount of time possible. Our team works with you along every phase of your windmill erection, from consulting and preparation to torquing and finishing, let us help you with your wind turbine projects.

At BMG Construction, our job isn’t over once your wind turbines are up and running. Our team of professionals and technicians will continue to work with you to provide the technical knowledge, skill and expertise needed to ensure that your wind turbines are operating at the peak of their performance abilities. This will ensure that your turbines remain a cost effective energy solution that maximizes your output and revenue.

Wind Energy Expertise

At BMG Construction, we aim to provide the top quality service and continuously work towards educating ourselves further on wind turbine technology. The wind energy teams at BMG Construction are all highly educated and skilled in their field, making them highly qualified to oversee all aspects of the construction of your turbines.

Our team is constantly researching, advising and consulting alongside our clients to ensure satisfaction every step of the way through the wind turbine erection process and future maintenance services. BMG Construction works hard to ensure that all of your manufacturing needs and best interests are implemented in your project. Our team is highly trained and qualified to oversee your project, including first aide, signalman, fall protection, climber rescue, rigger and OSHA certifications.

At BMG Construction, we feel our highly trained team of expert technicians helps us to lead the way for a new source of energy throughout the Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania areas. We have worked alongside a variety of clients, from big name companies to small businesses and homeowners. No matter what your application, wind turbines big or small are smart investments that can save you money and maximize production. Call us today and start your transition into the future of wind energy.